Rhuarc's Pets Supplies is an independently owned and operated pet store providing good old fashioned service! We have a friendly, experienced and knowledgeable team who all enjoy assisting pet owners in any way they can. We have a wide range of popular foods and products for your entire pet's requirements, including but not limited to; dogs, cats, birds, fish, chickens, reptiles and yes small animals too!

There is plenty of parking in front of the shop or nearby and adjacent to Melbourne Road.

Three important facts all 'Pet Lovers' must know and keep in mind when visiting our store or using this website.

  • We do not and will not sell any 'LIVE' animals!

  • We do not support puppy/kitten factories and care passionately about ending the uncertainty for so many of these poor animals

  • We champion responsible pet ownership for every animal

24/7 Emergency and Critical Veterinary Care

If you have an emergency or require critical care, urgent medical attention is available near you 24 hours a day for pets and other animals.

Puppy/Dog training series from Royal Canin Australia®

How well trained is your Puppy/Dog? Watch our training tips; these short video clips are a perfect solution for your Puppy’s/Dog's training needs!

  1. Train your dog to sit
  2. Train your dog to stay
  3. Train your dog to roll over
  4. Train your puppy to stop biting
  5. Train your dog to heel
  6. Train your puppy to come