Dog Accessories

The products displayed here are not reflective of all that we stock, we have too much to show! For more information on what we stock, call us on 9391 9533, email us on, or visit our social media @rhuarcspetsupplies.


Ezy Dog Oxford Collars
Rogz Utility Classic Collars
Scream Reflective Collars
Fuzzyard Printed Collars
Fuzzyard Coloured Collars
DOOG Neoprene Collars
Generic Padded Collars
Assorted Leather and Jewelled Collars


Scream Reflective Step-In Harness
Ezy Dog Quick Fit Harness
Ezy Dog Chestplate Harness with Car Restraint
Ezy Dog Convert Harness
Coralpina Cinquetorri Harness
DOOG NeoFlex Soft Harness
Fuzzyard Step-In Harness


Rogz Utility Classic Leads
Ezy Dog Zero Shock Leads
Ezy Dog Oxford Leather Leads
Exy Dog Cujo Leads
Coralpina Cinquetorri Leads
DOOG ‘Clip it’ Bench Leads
Scream Reflective Leads
Scream Short Bungee Leads
Chain Leads-small and large
Prestige Multi Function Rope Mountain Leads
Prestige Multi Function Flat Leads
BlackDog Training Leads 1.2m

Leash Add ons & Car Safety

Twin Lead Attachment
Rogz Safety Belt Clip
Rogz Safety Seat Belt Clip
Generic Seat Belt Restraint
Ag Boss Dog Ute Chain 
Universal Dog Seatbelt with Lock-over the head rest 


Rogz Utility Control Chain Collar
Sprenger Check Chain
Rogz Rope Quick Fit Lead
BlackDog Head Collar
Sporn Big Dog Halter Harness
Sporn Original Halter Harness
Ezy Dog Crosscheck Harness
Beau Pets Gentle Leader Harness with Front Attachment
BlackDog Balance Harness with Front Attachment
Assorted Training Clickers
Ezy Dog Denim Soft Trainer Leash
Ezy Dog Track ‘n’ Train Leash
10m Flat Recall/Training Leads

Accessories/Jumpers & Coats

Fuzzyard Bandanas- small and large
Fuzzyard Bowties- small and large

We have a variety of dog coats and jumpers! Visit us in-store to see our extensive range.

Shoes & Socks

ZEES Waterproof Dog Socks- all sizes
ZEES Waterproof Dog Boots- all sizes
ZEES Bee Dog Socks- all sizes
ZEES Tuxedo Dog Socks- all sizes
ZEES Pink Dog Socks- all sizes