Dog Treats

95% of our treats are Australian made with the majority locally produced and made to human grade standards.

K9 Natural Treats

Savour Life Treats

Larrykin Treats

Vita Rapid Tranquil Treats

Himalayan Dog Chews

Freeze Dried Aust Range

Scooby Snacks

WAG Treats

Pooch Treats

The Art Of Whole Broth

Ziwi Peak

Lamb Ears

Pig Snouts

Beef Jerky

Bull Chews

Beef Liver Straps

Rawhide Knot Bones

Coated Biscuits

Lamb Crumble

Pressed Bones

Beef Liver

Kangaroo Lumbers

Doggy Donuts

Pigs Ears


Chicken Breast Fillets

Kangaroo Tail Pieces

Meat Flavoured Cookies

Rawhide Rolls

Chicken Straps

Roo Ribs

Lamb Necks

Duck Breast Fillets

Beef Hooves

Chicken Necks

Kangaroo Jerky

Pigs Trotters

Kangaroo Straps

Shark Cartilage

Kangaroo Tendons

Doggy Stuff

Ling Twists

Pigs Ear Strips

Goat Horns

Huds and Toke

Deer Antlers

Shark Tails

Cow Ears

Freeze Dried Sardines

Freeze Dried Baby Salmon

Roo Shoulder

Roo Knuckles

Greenies Dental Care

Roo Sternum

Braided Bullys

Cow Tails

Bull Rings