Dog & Cat treats

The products displayed here are not reflective of all that we stock, we have too much to show! For more information on what we stock, call us on 9391 9533, email us on, or visit our social media @rhuarcspetsupplies.

Freeze Dry Australia Range- Cats and Dogs
Roo Tail Tips
Nothin’ to Hide small sticks -loose
Bugsy’s Freeze dried varieties
Scooby Snacks- Carob & Cheese varieties
The Art of Whole Foods Bone Broth
Roo Chipolatas
Kangaroo & Chicken Balls
Lamb Ears
Braided Bully Sticks
Bully Sticks
Beef Liver
Beef Jerky 
Cow Ears 
Cow Tails
Small Rawhide Sticks
Rawhide Knot Bones
Rawhide Pressed Bones
Rawhide Cigars
Kangaroo Ribs
Kangaroo Tail Pieces
Kangaroo Tendons
Meat Straps
Duck Jerky/Breast (Not for Cats)
Pig Trotters
Pig Ears
Pig Ear Strips
Empty Cow Hooves
Meat Filled Hooves
Shark Cartilage 
Shark Tails
 Fish Twists
Dried Green Lipped Mussels
 Deer Antlers
Goat Horns
Pig Snouts
Pork Rolls
Various Iced Biscuits
Chicken Feet
Greenies Dental Treats- Cat & Dog
Whimzees Dental Treats
Kangaroo Jerky
Dried Chicken Breast
Prime 100 Jerky range
Chicken Wrapped Pork Rolls
XL Chewy Roo Knees
Chicken Necks
Kangaroo Bones
Chicken Skewers (Not for Cats)
Chicken Twists
Lamb Necks
Chicken Pops
Chicken Calcium Bones (Not for Cats)
Collagen Sticks
Sweet Potato Slices
Wagalot Birthday in a Box (Blue and Pink)
Wagalot Mix & Zap (Blue, Pink and Pupcakes)
Wagalot Birthday Cookie w Candle (Blue and Pink)
Butterflied Sardines
Chicken wrapped Sweet Potato (available in Beef)