The Team at Rhuarc’s proudly supporting Oscar’s Law! Oscar’s Law is Australia’s most prominent anti-puppy farm campaign. Established in 2010, Oscar’s Law seeks to abolish the factory farming of our companion animals. We have an unprecedented track record in exposing and shutting down puppy factories and operating strategic awareness campaigns. With a multi-pronged approach, Oscar’s Law aims to;
  • Stop the factory farming of companion animals
  • Ban the sale of puppies in pet shops and
  • Encourage adoption and promote responsible pet ownership
Our credentials are strong. Our investigations routinely result in the shutting down of puppy factories, and on many occasions have had global media coverage, which also assists in creating large public awareness campaigns.  We aim to win through education as well as legislative change.
  • Debra Tranter (Spokesperson and Founder of Oscar’s Law)
  • Oscar’s Law Inc. PO Box 4033, Knox City 3152, VIC.