Small Animals

The products displayed here are not reflective of all that we stock, we have too much to show! For more information on what we stock, call us on 9391 9533, email us on, or visit our social media @rhuarcspetsupplies.

Oaten Hay
Timothy & Rye Hay
Timothy & Phalaris Hay
Teff Hay
Pasture Hay
Chipsi Naural & Scented Wood Shavings
Wood Shavings
Rabbit & Guinea Pig Food 5kg
Rabbit & Guinea Pig Pellets 5kg
Vetafarm Origins Small Animal Pellet Varieties 350g & 2kg
Oxbow Adult Rabbit Pellets 3kg
Peckish Food Mix
Vetafarm Deli Stix Herbivore Blend
Peters Brunch Mix
Peters Small Animal Treat Bags
Tiny Friends Farm Crunchers
Tiny Friends Farm Scrummies
Peters Tropical & Vine Fruits Mix
Oxbow Simple Rewars varieties
Yoghurt Drops
Huds And Toke Veggie Tube Treats
Peters Hay Huts-all sizes
Peters Parsley Bowls-Apple & Carrot varieties
Living World Glass Water Bottles-all sizes
Plastic Activity Tube
Plastic Hides
Small Animal Carriers
Small Animal Corner Litter Trays
Rabbit Harnesses
Assorted Wood Toys
Wood Bridges
Activity Balls
Assorted Ceramic & Plastic Bowls