Small Animal

Oaten Hay

Lucerne Hay

Rye Hay

Timothy Hay

Teff Hay

Hay Huts


Wood Shavings

Rhuarc’s Own Brand Food Mix

Rhuarc’s Own Brand Pellet Food

Peckish Food Mix

Vetafarm Food Mix

Peters Brunch Mix

Oxbow Food

Vetafarm Deli Stix Treats

Peters Treats

Vetafarm Nibble Blocks

Vetafarm Supplements

Hutch and Cage Cleaner

Water Bottles

Salt Lick

Tiny Friends Farm Crunchers

Exercise Play Ball

Tiny Friends Farm Scrummies

Plastic Play Tubes Curved and Straight

Rabbit Harness

Guinea Pig Harness

Rat Harness

Ferret Harness

Peters Tropical & Vine Fruits Mix

Mineral Stones

Huds And Toke Vegie Tube Treats

Living World Carry Cases

Yoghurt Drops

Corner Litter Trays

Veggie Wood Nibblers

Mixed Knawing Toys

Wooden Bridges & Climbers

Rabbit Burrow - Pet One

Guinea Pig Burrow - Pet One

Diatomaceous earth

Mini Hemp



Plastic & Glass Bowls


Parsley Bowls

Plastic & Glass Drinkers