Dog toys

The products displayed here are not reflective of all that we stock, we have too much to show! For more information on what we stock, call us on 9391 9533, email us on, or visit our social media @rhuarcspetsupplies.


Chuckit Breathe Right Range
Chuckit Max Glow Range
Chuckit Tennis Ball Range
Chuckit Ultra Ball Range
Chuckit Ultra Squeaker Range
Chuckit Fetch Ball Range
Chuckit The Whistler Range
Chuckit Indoor Ball
Chuckit Ultra Tug
Chuckit Sport 12 M Ball Launcher
Chuckit Sport 14 S Ball Launcher
Chuckit Classic 16 M Ball Launcher
Chuckit Sports 18 M Ball Launcher
Chuckit Sport 25 M Ball Launcher
Chuckit Ultra Grip 26 M Ball Launcher
Chuckit Sport 26 L Ball Launcher


Fuzzyard Neighbourhood Nasties Range
Fuzzyard Winky Range
Fuzzyard Yardsters Range
Fuzzyard Plush Range-assorted


JW Hip Cuz
JW Bad Cuz
JW Spiky Cuz
JW Darwin the Frog
JW Ruffians
JW Mega Egg Range
JW Chompion Range
JW iSqueak Bone Range
JW Hol-ee Roller Range
JW Rockin’ Treat Ball


Kong Air Dog Squeakair Ball Range
Kong Classic Ball Range
Kong Classic Extreme Ball Range
Kong Classic & Classic  Extreme Range
Kong Signature Balls Range 
Kong Comfort Range
Kong Cozie Range
Kong Shakers Kangaroo
Kong Snuzzles Range
Kong Woozles Range
Kong Low Stuff Crackle Tummiez Range
Kong Floppy Knots Range
Kong Wild Knots Range
Kong Wubba Range
Kong Sport Balls Range
Kong Beezles Balls
Kong Corestrenght Bone
Kong Flyers
Kong Puppy Flyers
Kong Lock-It Range
Kong Wobbler Range
Kong Gyro Range
Kong Rewards Tennis Range
Kong Tiltz Range


LickiMat Range Small & Lrge-assorted
LickiMat Slomo Range-assorted  
LickiMat Wobble Bowl-assorted
LickiMat Splash Suction Bowl-assorted

Outward Hound

Outward Hound Mini Invincibles-assorted
Outward Hound Invincibles Gecko Small-assorted
Outward Hound Invincibles Snake Large-assorted


Rogz Flying Object
Rogz Treat Dispenser-assorted 
Rogz Squeekz-assorted
Rogz Yumz-assorted
Rogz Scrubz-assorted
Rogz Gumz-assorted

Ruff Play

Ruff Play Tuff Chicken
Ruff Play Snake
Ruff Play Crocodile
Ruff Play Mammoth
Ruff Play Warthog
Ruff Play Pig
Ruff Play Pacifier
Ruff Play Foam Dental Ring Range

Snuggle Friends

Snuggle Friends Parrot
Snuggle Friends Black Sheep
Snuggle Friends Round Sheep Range
Snuggle Friends Wonky Donkey

Tuffie Toys

Tuffy Original-assorted
Tuffy Jr-assorted

Zippy Paws

Zippy Paws Crinkle Monkey
Zippy Paws Jigglers- Limited Range
Zippy Paws Donutz Range
Zippy Paws Lamb Chop Range
Zippy Paws Burrows- Limited Range
Zippy Paws Avocado
Zippy Paws NomNomz- Limited Range
Zippy Paws Birthday Cake Range